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Angelfish v2.21 Highlights

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Angelfish v2.21 contains a number of improvements and fixes, many of which are minor.

This article highlights the more important changes in the release.

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Should You Use Google Analytics with SharePoint?

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Microsoft SharePoint is a popular document management & intranet solution, used by thousands of companies. Many of these organizations use Google Analytics to track SharePoint usage.

Here’s why this isn’t a good idea:

Google Analytics Is A Marketing Platform

Google Analytics is great at what it does. Its reports are focused on marketing-specific features: AdWords / DoubleClick / Display Network integration, remarketing, attribution, and advertiser ROI.

Most SharePoint customers aren’t using AdWords to drive traffic to their Intranet, which means Google Analytics is the wrong tool for tracking SharePoint.

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Goodbye Urchin, Hello Angelfish!

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In January of 2012, Google announced development of Urchin Software would be discontinued. We were disappointed to say the least, although we can’t say the news was surprising.

Google’s focus on Urchin dwindled in 2011, coinciding with the launch of a paid version of Google Analytics.

We’ve been contacted by a variety of customers ever since – the most popular questions and answers are below. Feel free to contact us if you’d like us to clarify anything further.

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What iPads & Tablets Mean for Web Analytics

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Web analytics software companies are still touting their (recent) ability to segment mobile traffic in reports.

This is important primarily because people using mobile devices interact with sites differently than people using more conventional machines.

With iPads and competing tablets entering the scene, the terrain becomes a bit more complex. It raises important new questions for the web analytics industry and companies who rely on it.

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