Product Overview

Angelfish helps you justify your web investments

What is Angelfish?

Angelfish Software is secure, on-premises web analytics software that provides detailed usage reports for anything that runs on a web server: Intranets, public websites, web-based applications, and more.

Angelfish is Flexible

  • Angelfish helps you justify the existence of your websites by showing how people use them…or if they’re not used at all.
  • Angelfish can either use JavaScript tags or the existing data in your web server logs.
  • Angelfish can process historical data!

Angelfish is Secure

  • Your data is stored within the confines of your network.
  • You retain full access control.
  • None of your data is sent to us. We see software licensing requests – that’s it.

Angelfish Shows Details

  • Visitor Info: usernames, downloaded files, clickpaths, IP addresses
  • Traffic Spike Analysis (i.e. analyze time frames as short as one second)
  • Nested Segments
  • Total Bandwidth & Stolen Bandwidth
  • Broken links
  • Mobile Devices
  • Marketing Campaigns & Conversion Goals
  • File Downloads

How Can Angelfish Help You?

Many companies only use web analytics to demonstrate the value of public websites and marketing initiatives. Web analytics for internal websites and applications is often overlooked, even though companies spend millions per year on internal software.

Angelfish helps you understand the value of all your websites and web applications by showing who uses them and how they’re used. Angelfish works with:


  • SharePoint
  • Employee portals
  • Sensitive data: HR & Finance

Public Websites

Web-Based Applications

  • Jira, BlackBoard, Oracle, Hyperion, Dynamics
  • Custom-built applications

See more examples on the Solutions page

Our customers say:

“Angelfish paid for itself in the first week. We didn’t realize how often our employees use the search function on our intranet.”

“Google Analytics is great for high level reports but we use Angelfish when we want to see the pages a specific customer visits on our site.”

“We saved almost $60K this year by not renewing a financial application. Angelfish showed nobody had logged into it in over a year, and nobody complained after we turned it off.”