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Angelfish Software is a self-hosted web analytics tool,
used by thousands of companies around the world.

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Why Should You Use Angelfish?

Data Protection

Angelfish is self-hosted: data remains in your network & you control access to it. Satisfies GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, PIPA, etc.

See Users Who Block Tracking

JavaScript tracking is frequently blocked.
Angelfish uses web server & CDN log data.
Users can't hide from the access log.

Low Maintenance

Self-contained and self-maintaining.
Angelfish uses embedded components.
No third party apps needed.

Full Visitor Details

See all info about your website's Visitors in a date range as small as one second.
Angelfish shows you everything it stores.

Export Data to Dashboards

Angelfish's RESTful API provides full access to the underlying data structures.
Export data into any external application.

Monitor Sensitive Data

See every Document & Page accessed in your websites and web-based applications, with usernames (if available).

Track Websites & Applications

Use Angelfish to track the usage of internal & external websites, web-based applications, or anything that runs on a web server.

Internal & External Marketing

Track inbound and in-site marketing.
A|B test navigational elements.
Re-use GA Campaign tags.

Understand Usage Costs

All of your websites and web-based apps have a cost. Angelfish helps you understand the value of that cost, based on usage.

Angelfish provides a complete web analytics solution. Schedule a demo to learn more!