Web Analytics Software
Self-Hosted & Compliant

Angelfish Software is a web analytics reporting tool.
Track Intranets, Public Websites, SharePoint, & more.

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Self-Hosted Web Analytics Software

Most web analytics solutions depend on JS & tracking pixels, which are often blocked by browsers or users.

This means you don't see approximately 25% of visitors to your websites, both external and internal.

And as data privacy laws expand, your ability to store data outside your network becomes more restricted.

Angelfish lets you avoid these issues because of how it works.

Key Angelfish Features

Unblockable Tracking

Users who block JS or tracking pixels
aren't tracked by most other solutions.
Angelfish doesn't rely on JS or pixels.

Compliant With Data Laws

Angelfish keeps data behind your firewall,
which satisfies data protection laws.

Track Websites & Applications

Your organization has a bunch of
websites and web-based applications.
Angelfish can create reports for all of them.

Fully Supported

All Angelfish customers receive support.
Open new tickets within the application.
Providing excellent support is a core value.


Angelfish is a self-contained application
with an embedded web server and database.
It's self-hosted software that acts like SaaS.


Export data into any external application
or dashboard, in a variety of formats.
Power BI, QuickSight, Data Studio, and more.

Why Should You Use Angelfish?

Angelfish is a flexible solution that creates web analytics reports from data you currently have: JS isn't required.

Angelfish is also able to detect Users who block JS-based tracking. Users can't hide from the access log.

And if you're looking for a GDPR-compliant Google Analytics Alternative, Angelfish is the answer.

Next Steps

Learn more about cookieless tracking, re-using GA marketing variables, and user analysis in Angelfish.