Angelfish Software replaces

Urchin Software

Is your company still using Urchin Software?

We got our start as a reseller and consultancy for Urchin Software, so we know it well.

However, Urchin hasn’t received updates since it was discontinued:

  • Newer browsers & platforms aren’t parsed: Edge, Windows 10 & 11, mobile devices
  • Geodata databases haven’t been updated in 10+ years
  • Urchin doesn’t recognize new search engines, like DuckDuckGo

We decided to develop Angelfish when Google canceled Urchin. We put our best tips, tricks, and feature requests into Angelfish.

Like Urchin, Angelfish is self-hosted web analytics software. But Angelfish is actively developed and provides way more details.

Key Angelfish Features

Self-Hosted Web Analytics

Angelfish is self-hosted / on-premises web analytics software, installed and managed by your team. Control your costs and keep your data within your network.

Track Websites & Applications

Use Angelfish to track the usage of internal & external websites, web-based applications (SaaS too), or anything that runs on a web server and creates an access log.

Migrate Urchin Data

Angelfish contains utilities that migrate configuration AND report data from Urchin. You can even process your UTM data in Angelfish – no re-tagging required!

Re-Use UTM Campaign Tags

If you’ve already tagged inbound links with UTM Campaigns, Angelfish is able to use them too! You’ll also see Visits with Campaign values that block UTM code.

Low Maintenance

Software doesn’t need to be hard to install and maintain. Angelfish uses an embedded database and web server, which lets you focus on using the application.

Outstanding Support

Expect fast & accurate answers with no fluff. Our front-line support reps are also consultants and write help center articles.

Internal & External Marketing

See the impact of your External (inbound) & Internal (in-site) marketing initiatives.
A|B test navigational elements.
Track Impressions and CTR.

Understand Usage Costs

All of your websites and web-based apps have a cost. Angelfish helps you understand the value of that cost, based on usage.

Internal Search Analytics

Understand how Visitors use the Search function on your website. Search Terms, Origin & Destination Pages, # of Results, Search Categories / Verticals, and more.

Angelfish provides a lot more details than Urchin – see it for yourself with an Angelfish trial.

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