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It’s a fact: SharePoint’s built-in reporting lacks details.

A web analytics tool can provide these details. It can also show how users interact with your site collections and subsites.

Angelfish Software is a self-hosted web analytics tool, used to track websites and web-based applications…like SharePoint.

Angelfish provides a complete web analytics solution for all versions of SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online.

Key Features

Self-Hosted Web Analytics

Angelfish is self-hosted web analytics software, which lets you control your costs and keep your data within your network.

Data Protection

Data remains in your network and you control access to it. Angelfish satisfies a variety of data protection laws:

See Users Who Block Tracking

JavaScript-based tracking can be blocked,
and frequently is. Angelfish builds its reports with data from web server access logs.
Visitors can’t hide from the access log.

Track External Marketing

Measure the impact of your External (inbound) marketing initiatives. If you already use Google Analytics Campaign variables, you can re-use them in Angelfish.

Track Internal Marketing

Measure the effectiveness of promotional activities that occur within your website.
A|B test your site’s navigational elements.
Track Impressions and CTR.

Email Open Tracking

When you send out internal newsletters, see how many times the email is opened and compare it to the number of clicks the email receives.

Comprehensive API

Angelfish’s RESTful API provides full access to the underlying data structures. Automatically export data into any external application or dashboard.

Outstanding Support

Expect fast & accurate answers with no fluff. Our front-line support reps are also consultants and write help center articles.

Low Maintenance

Software shouldn’t be hard to install and maintain. Angelfish uses an embedded database and web server, which lets you focus on using the application.

Notes About SharePoint Online / 365

Tracking SharePoint Online requires a few setup steps, and uses the AGF Tracking Method (JavaScript-based).

Setup Tasks

  • Activate a simple web server (Collection Server) to host 2 files and collect tracking requests
  • Install the Angelfish SharePoint Framework Extension (SPFx) on your SharePoint instance (we provide it)
  • Configure the SPFx to point at the Collection Server

If you can get the access logs (in W3C format) for your SharePoint Online instance, you can skip the setup tasks listed above and you’ll have unblockable, cookieless tracking.

Ask one of your Microsoft account reps about getting the access logs from your SP Online instance.

Angelfish provides a complete web analytics solution. To learn more, please choose an option below: