Angelfish is an Alternative to


After a brief hiatus, WebTrends has an on-premises product once again.

WebTrends provides enterprise-level features at a variable price: based on Pageviews.

Angelfish Software is a self-hosted web analytics tool, used to track websites and web-based applications.

Angelfish Software is an alternative to WebTrends, providing enterprise-level features at a static price: based on Profiles.

Key Angelfish Features

Self-Hosted Web Analytics

Angelfish is self-hosted web analytics software, which lets you control your costs and keep your data within your network.

No Pageview Limits

Angelfish doesn’t have an annual pageview entitlement. Pricing is based on Profiles. You generally use one Profile for each website or app you want to track.

Low Maintenance

Software doesn’t need to be hard to install and maintain. Angelfish uses an embedded database and web server, which lets you focus on using the application.

Full Visitor Details

See all info about your website’s Visitors.
Choose a date range as small as one second.
Drill down with nested segments.
Angelfish shows you everything it stores.

See Users Who Block Tracking

JavaScript-based tracking can be blocked,
and frequently is. Angelfish builds its reports with data from web server access logs.
Visitors can’t hide from the access log.

Adjustable Tracking Options

Angelfish can create reports with the data you currently have. The correct Tracking Method to use depends on your scenario.
Learn More: Tracking Methods

Internal & External Marketing

See the impact of your External (inbound) & Internal (in-site) marketing initiatives.
A|B test navigational elements.
Re-use WT Campaign tags.

Impressions & CTR

Angelfish tracks the number of times an image is shown and compares this number to clicks on your Marketing efforts, both External & Internal.

Comprehensive API

Angelfish’s RESTful API provides full access to the underlying data structures. Automatically export data into any external application or dashboard.

If you’re ready to consider replacing WebTrends, download an Angelfish trial.

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