Web Analytics Software for

Law Firms

Law Firms work with sensitive data. Data protection at all levels is a requirement.

This concept also applies to your firm’s websites and web-based applications, both external and internal.

Angelfish Software is a self-hosted web analytics tool that protects your data by keeping it behind your firewall.

Use Angelfish to track your firm’s websites & web applications, monitor access to sensitive files, and compare usage to costs.

Key Angelfish Features

Self-Hosted Web Analytics

Angelfish is self-hosted / on-premises web analytics software, installed and managed by your team. Control your costs and keep your data within your network.

See Users Who Block Tracking

JavaScript-based tracking can be blocked,
and frequently is. Angelfish builds its reports with data from web server access logs.
Visitors can’t hide from the access log.

Track Websites & Applications

Use Angelfish to track the usage of internal & external websites, web-based applications (SaaS too), or anything that runs on a web server and creates an access log.

Data Protection

Data remains in your network.
You control who can access the data.
Angelfish avoids many data protection laws:

Monitor Sensitive Files

See a list of every Document & Page accessed (PDF, Excel, Word, etc.) in your website. Angelfish also shows the usernames who access sensitive content.

Process Historical Data

Perform digital forensics on websites and web applications with Angelfish. Yet again, Users can’t hide from the access log.

Full Visitor Details

See all info about your website’s Visitors.
Choose a date range as small as one second.
Drill down with nested segments.
Angelfish shows you everything it stores.

Outstanding Support

Expect fast & accurate answers with no fluff. Our front-line support reps are also consultants and write help center articles.

Comprehensive API

Angelfish’s RESTful API provides full access to the underlying data structures. Automatically export data into any external application or dashboard.

You can see the reports Angelfish makes for your Firm’s websites & applications with an Angelfish trial.

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