Web Analytics for

Public Websites

Your existing web analytics tool has a a major problem: it requires JavaScript-based tracking.

Users who block tracking don’t show up in your web analytics reports, and a surprising number of Users block tracking.

This becomes a larger problem with paid marketing initiatives. If tracking is blocked, how can you accurately measure the ROI of your budget?

Angelfish Software is a self-hosted web analytics tool that creates reports from access logs.

Web Servers, Load Balancers, CDNs, AWS, Azure…they all create access logs that Angelfish can use.

Here’s why this is important: Users can’t block themselves from the access log.

Angelfish can use your existing campaign tags to show you a complete picture of the marketing-driven traffic to your website.

Key Angelfish Features

Internal & External Marketing

See the impact of your External (inbound) & Internal (in-site) marketing initiatives.
A|B test navigational elements.

Re-Use Campaign Tags

If you’ve already tagged your inbound links, you can use them in Angelfish! You’ll also see Campaign data for Visits that block tracking.

Identify Click Fraud

Angelfish has tools to identify traffic from click bots and illegitimate Visits. Use this info to optimize your ad budget…or a credit.

Full Visitor Details

See all info about your website’s Visitors.
Choose a date range as small as one second.
Drill down with nested segments.
Angelfish shows you everything it stores.

Impressions & CTR

Angelfish tracks the number of times an image is shown and compares this number to clicks on your Marketing efforts, both External & Internal.

See Users Who Block Tracking

JavaScript-based tracking can be blocked,
and frequently is. Angelfish builds its reports with data from web server access logs.
Visitors can’t hide from the access log.

Data Protection

Data remains behind your firewall.
You control who can access the data.
Angelfish avoids many data protection laws and give you full data ownership.

Exceptional Support

Expect fast & accurate answers with no fluff.
We want to impress you with the quality of our support, and to provide resolution with one response.

Low Maintenance

Software doesn’t need to be hard to install and maintain. Angelfish uses an embedded database and web server, which lets you focus on using the application.

You can see the reports Angelfish makes for your public websites with an Angelfish trial.

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