Across the globe, over 1,000 organizations use Angelfish Software

  • Angelfish Edition
  • Number of Profiles

    A profile is a set of reports for a website. A profile is typically used for a single website, but can also combine multiple websites into a single set of reports.

  • Additional Profiles

    Profiles can be added in blocks of 100 to any Angelfish edition.

  • Annual Price

    Angelfish pricing is an annual subscription. Angelfish customers receive all software updates and basic support.


Standard Edition

  • 100 Report Profiles
  • $995 per 100
$1,295 per year
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The Grand Deal

Standard Edition

  • 1,000 Report Profiles
  • $995 per 100
$6,000 per year
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Common Questions

Is there a demo version I can use?

Angelfish has a 30 day trial version – you can install it on a server or on your desktop. The trial version also contains a sample profile with report data (in case you don’t have any logs to process).

If you’d like to schedule a web-based demo with our sales team, please contact us.

Do I need to install tracking code on my website?

No – Angelfish offers multiple tracking methods, and there’s a good chance Angelfish will be able to process your existing data.

How do I install Angelfish?

Angelfish should be installed on a server – please see the Knowledge Base for installation instructions:

Can I process logs from multiple web servers?

Yes, you can combine logs from multiple web servers by creating a separate Datasource for each individual web server.

Is there a fee for each user account?

No – pricing is based on profiles, not users. You can have unlimited user accounts in Angelfish, which means you can make the reports available to everyone in your organization for no additional cost.

Which support options are available?

There are two options: Basic and Priority.

Basic support is included for all customers, and Priority support customers receive web-based administrator training & a priority support queue.

Do you have volume pricing for hosting companies?

Yes – please contact us for specifics, and learn more about Angelfish for hosting companies here:

Do you offer training and/or consulting?

Definitely. Please contact us with questions about your needs.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

Please contact us – we love to answer questions about Angelfish!