Digital Analytics for

Private Clouds

Organizations that use private clouds need software that will run in those clouds, and web analytics software has been steadily pushed towards a SaaS delivery model. The two don’t mix.

Angelfish is on-premise web analytics software – data is stored within the confines of your network, and you have full access control. Many of the legal and data privacy issues associated with SaaS analytics solutions don’t apply to Angelfish!

Angelfish also provides:

Full Visitor Details

See IP addresses, usernames, full visit clickpaths, link marketing campaigns to individuals, and see personally identifiable information directly in your reports.

Stolen Bandwidth Reports

It’s a fact: other websites link directly to images, PDFs, and other content on your website. Sometimes they’re good links from a search engine, and sometimes they’re bad links that steal your bandwidth. Angelfish shows you both.

A Robust API

The API is a core component of Angelfish and provides full access to the underlying data structure. With the API, you can automatically export data from Angelfish into external applications like CRM software, customer portals, reporting dashboards, or hosting control panels.

Enhancements For Google Analytics

Angelfish provides things that Google Analytics doesn’t provide, like:

  • Tracking for visitors that block JavaScript
  • No data sampling: Angelfish shows you everything
  • Segmentation by Page or IP Address
  • Nested Segments
  • GA Upload: Import hit-level data to Google Analytics
  • 100% data privacy

Many organizations use Angelfish in tandem with Google Analytics – learn more on our
Google Analytics solution page.

Tracking For Any Website

Intranets, web applications, financial and/or HR portals, CDNs, public websites…if it runs on a web server and creates a log file, Angelfish can provide detailed usage reports.

No Tagging Required

JavaScript page tags aren’t always an option, especially in secure environments. Angelfish can track visitors with page tags, session ID cookies, usernames, or IP address & user agent combos.