Web Analytics Software for

Law Firms

Law Firms store mountains of sensitive information. And with data privacy or confidentiality restrictions, SaaS or cloud-based applications aren’t always an option for web analytics applications.

Angelfish Software is a secure web analytics solution which provides the following benefits for law firms:

Data Privacy

Angelfish is on-premise server software – you install it on one of your servers, and login to the application via a web browser. Data is stored within the confines of your network, and you have full access control.

Track Intranets & Web Applications

If it runs on a web server and creates a log file, Angelfish can provide detailed usage reports. This includes SharePoint, financial and HR applications, CDNs, public websites…or anything with a web log.

Stolen Bandwidth

It’s a fact: other websites link directly to images, PDFs, and other content on your website. Sometimes they’re good links from a search engine, and sometimes they’re bad links that steal your bandwidth. Angelfish shows you both.

Username Tracking

If customers (or employees) login to a site, you can track them by their username – no tagging required! This feature also allows you to track unique visitors across multiple devices.

Robust API

Angelfish’s API provides full access to the underlying data structure. You can automatically export data from Angelfish into external applications like CRM software, customer portals, or reporting dashboards.

Data Democratization

Use the pass-through authentication feature to easily provide your attorneys with access to Angelfish reports – no user management required!