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Intranet sites contain sensitive information like employee login names, customer details, HR documents, financial projections, and other confidential data. If you use a hosted web analytics solution, the location of this data is stored outside your network.

Angelfish helps you secure this information by keeping it within the confines of your network, and provides many other benefits like:

Data Privacy

Angelfish is on-premise web analytics software – you install and manage it in your own environment. Many of the legal and data privacy issues associated with SaaS analytics solutions don’t apply to Angelfish!

Full Visitor Details

See IP addresses, usernames, full visit clickpaths, link marketing campaigns to individuals, and see personally identifiable information directly in your reports.

Track Any Website

Intranets, web applications, financial and/or HR portals, CDNs, public websites…if it runs on a web server and creates a log file, Angelfish can provide detailed usage reports.

Username Tracking

If employees login to your website, you can track them by username. This feature also allows you to track unique visitors across multiple devices!

No Tagging Required

JavaScript page tags aren’t always an option, especially in secure environments. Angelfish can track visitors with page tags, session ID cookies, usernames, or IP address & user agent combos.

Support Is Included

All Angelfish customers receive direct access to our knowledgeable support team. Your time is important and our “sociable techs” will help you solve the problem quickly.