Angelfish Software replaces

Urchin Software

Since 2005, our team has provided Urchin Software expertise to hundreds of companies. We also created a series of add-ons, administration utilities, and API scripts for Urchin.

With Angelfish, we’re putting our Urchin knowledge to good use. Angelfish is the combined product of all of our experience, best practices, overlooked feature requests, and homegrown utilities. If you like Urchin, you’ll love Angelfish!

On-Premise Software

Angelfish is on-premise server software – you install it on one of your servers, and login to the application via a web browser. Data is stored within the confines of your network, and you have full access control. This also provides 100% data privacy.

Migrate Urchin Data

Angelfish contains utilities that migrate configuration AND report data from Urchin. You can even process your UTM logs directly in Angelfish – no re-tagging required!

No Dependencies

Angelfish is a self-contained application. No 3rd party applications (like mySQL or Postgres) are required.

Multiple Tracking Methods

JavaScript page tags aren’t always an option, especially in secure environments. Angelfish can track visitors with page tags, session ID cookies, usernames, or IP address & user agent combos.

Support Is Included

All Angelfish customers receive direct access to our knowledgeable support team. Your time is important and our “sociable techs” will help you solve the problem quickly.

Stolen Bandwidth

It’s a fact: other websites link directly to images, PDFs, and other content on your website. Sometimes they’re good links from a search engine, and sometimes they’re bad links that steal your bandwidth. Angelfish shows you both.

Track Visitors Across Multiple Devices

If customers (or employees) login to your website, you can track them by username. This feature also allows you to track unique visitors across multiple devices!

Full Visitor Details

See IP addresses, usernames, full visit clickpaths, link marketing campaigns to individuals, and see personally identifiable information directly in your reports.

Robust API

The API is a core component of Angelfish and provides full access to the underlying data structure. With the API, you can automatically export data from Angelfish into external applications like CRM software, customer portals, reporting dashboards, or hosting control panels.