Angelfish Software Enhances

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides high level reports but no visitor details. If you keep a copy of the tracking data sent to Google, you can process the data with Angelfish and see full details for all visitors tracked by Google Analytics.

Here’s how to keep a copy of the tracking data sent to Google.

Angelfish is secure, on premise web analytics software that provides reports and features you won’t see in Google Analytics, like:

Full Visitor Details

Angelfish shows IP addresses, usernames, clickpaths, custom variables, other details for each unique visitor. You can even track unique visitors across multiple devices by their username.

Traffic Spike Analysis

Angelfish lets you select a time frame as short as a single second. If you want to see what happened on your website yesterday morning between 05:17:23 AM and 05:17:49 AM, Angelfish will show you.

No Sampled Data

Do you occasionally see a “this report is based on X% of visits” message? You won’t see this message in Angelfish. When working with large datasets, Angelfish shows you everything.

Bandwidth & Error Reports

Angelfish shows total bandwidth by web server, “stolen bandwidth” from hotlinked files, broken links, “Page Not Found” errors, redirects, and more.

Hidden Visitor Tracking

This is a growing problem: some website visitors won’t show up in your GA reports because they block GA tracking code. Angelfish has 6 different options for detecting website traffic, which means you can see visits in Angelfish even if tracking code is blocked!

Data Security

Angelfish is on-premise server software, which keeps your data within the confines of your network. Most legal issues associated with SaaS analytics solutions don’t apply to Angelfish! This is especially important for Healthcare, Financial, and Government organizations.

Track Any Website

Angelfish can do a lot more than process your GA data. Angelfish can track any website, like Intranets, web applications, SharePoint, financial and/or HR portals, CDNs, public websites, and more. See more examples on our Solutions Page.

Robust API

The API is a core component of Angelfish and provides full access to the underlying data structure. With the API, you can automatically export data from Angelfish into external applications like CRM software, customer portals, reporting dashboards, or hosting control panels.

GA Upload

The GA Upload feature uses the Measurement Protocol to import unique Angelfish data directly into your Google Analytics reports. Import hotlinked files, site errors (404 pages), file downloads, and more!

Business Continuity for Google Analytics

If your Google Analytics account is deleted by a disgruntled employee / contractor / agency,
you can’t recover the data…unless you use Angelfish! Simply store a backup copy of the data sent to Google and process it with Angelfish.