Angelfish Software replaces

Urchin Software

Urchin Software was discontinued in early 2012 and it becomes more and more obsolete with each passing month. For example: Urchin doesn’t recognize newer browsers like IE 11, geo data isn’t updated, and new search engines aren’t recognized.

Angelfish contains utilities that allow you to migrate data from Urchin to Angelfish.

If you like Urchin, you’ll love the features in Angelfish!

Data Security

Angelfish is secure, on-premises web analytics software – you install it on one of your servers, and login to the application via a web browser. Data is stored within the confines of your network, and you have full access control.

Migrate Urchin Data

Angelfish contains utilities that migrate configuration AND report data from Urchin. You can even process your UTM logs directly in Angelfish – no re-tagging required!

Mobile Device Reporting

Are your website visitors using mobile devices to access your sites? Angelfish categorizes all visits as Mobile/Tablet or Desktop, with drilldown to browsers, platforms, usernames, and all other segments.

No Dependencies

Angelfish is a self-contained application. No 3rd party applications (like mySQL or Postgres) are required.

Great for Intranets and Web Apps

Angelfish creates detailed usage reports for anything that runs on a web server and creates an access log, like Intranet sites, web applications, public websites, SharePoint, financial and/or HR portals, CDNs, and CRMs. See more examples on our Solutions Page.

Multiple Tracking Methods

Angelfish *can* use JavaScript tagging, but it doesn’t *have* to. Plus, JavaScript page tags aren’t always available in secure environments. Angelfish can track visitors with page tags, session ID cookies, usernames, or IP address & user agent combos.

Use Existing Campaign Tags

If you’ve already tagged your marketing campaigns with Urchin (or Google Analytics) campaign tags, you can use those same tags with Angelfish. There’s no need to re-tag!

Bandwidth & Broken Link Reports

Angelfish shows total bandwidth by web server, “stolen bandwidth” from hotlinked files, broken links, “Page Not Found” errors, redirects, random status codes like “I’m a teapot” (418), and more.

Traffic Spike Analysis

Angelfish lets you select a time frame as short as a single second. If you want to see details about the visitor who filled out the contact form on your website yesterday morning at 10:17:49 AM, Angelfish will show you all site activity that occurred during that particular second.

Full Visitor Details

Angelfish shows IP addresses, usernames, clickpaths, custom variables, other details for each unique visitor. You can even track unique visitors across multiple devices by their username.

Robust API

The API is a core component of Angelfish and provides full access to the underlying data structure. With the API, you can automatically export data from Angelfish into external applications like CRM software, customer portals, reporting dashboards, or hosting control panels.

Technical Details

Please visit our Support Center for articles and videos that explain how Angelfish works. We recommend reading the “Administrator Essentials” article and looking at the “Urchin Software and Google Analytics” section: