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Does your agency use Google Analytics? Of course it does. 🙂

Google Analytics provides a lot of data, but it doesn’t provide a full picture of website activity. Specifically, you won’t see details like usernames, broken links, clickpaths, bandwidth, or IP addresses in your Google Analytics reports. This limits your ability to understand how individuals interact with your campaigns.

Angelfish is secure, on-premises web analytics software that enhances the reporting capabilities of Google Analytics. Angelfish provides:

Full Visitor Details

See IP addresses, usernames, full visit clickpaths, and personally identifiable information directly in your reports. Angelfish doesn’t have the same restrictions as SaaS applications because it keeps your data within the confines of your network.

Google Analytics Backup Solution

You can store a backup copy of the data sent to Google and process it with Angelfish. This lets you see individual visitor details in Angelfish without having to roll out new JavaScript tags.

Traffic Spike Analysis

Angelfish lets you select a time frame as short as a single second. If you want to see details about the visitor who clicked on a specific banner yesterday morning at 11:17:23 AM, Angelfish will show you all site activity that occurred during that particular second.

No Sampled Data

Do you occasionally see a “this report is based on X% of visits” message in Google Analytics? You won’t see this message in Angelfish. When working with large datasets, Angelfish shows you everything.

Broken Links

Web access logs contain a bunch of great information, like Broken Links. Angelfish tells you if the link is external or on your site, the referring page, the error page, and more.

Mobile Device Reporting

Are visitors using mobile devices to access your websites? Angelfish categorizes all visits as Mobile/Tablet or Desktop, with drilldown to browsers, platforms, usernames, and all other segments.

Enhancements for Google Analytics

Angelfish provides things that Google Analytics doesn’t provide, like:

  • Tracking for visitors that block JavaScript
  • Segmentation by Page or IP Address
  • Nested Segments
  • GA Upload: Import hit-level data to Google Analytics
  • Data Security

Many organizations use Angelfish in tandem with Google Analytics – learn more on our
Google Analytics solution page.

Great for Intranets and Web Apps

Angelfish can do a lot more than enhance Google Analytics. Angelfish creates detailed usage reports for anything that runs on a web server and creates an access log, like Intranet sites, web applications, public websites, SharePoint, financial and/or HR portals, CDNs, CRMs, and more. See more examples on our Solutions Page.

A Robust API

The API is a core component of Angelfish and provides full access to the underlying data structure. With the API, you can automatically export data from Angelfish into external applications like CRM software, customer portals, reporting dashboards, or hosting control panels.

Technical Details

Please visit our Support Center for articles and videos that explain how Angelfish works. We recommend reading the “Administrator Essentials” article: