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Tracking Code Generator: angelfish.js

This utility shows all of the customizable variables in angelfish.js. Click the tooltip (gray question mark) next to each field for an explanation of each variable.

The default values are shown in each variable's field. You can edit the values as needed, but most environments only need the default values.

The "Download angelfish.js" button at the bottom of the page creates a minified version of angelfish.js with the values listed on this page.

agf.gif: to download agf.gif, right-click the link and choose the "Save Link As" option.

Gif Info

Force HTTPS?
Tracking File Path & Name:
Website Hostname:
Collection Server Hostname:

Link Tagger

Enable Link Tagger:
Outbound Page Prefix:
Append Outbound Query Params:
Outbound Page Title:
Append Outbound Stem:
Document File Types:
Document Title Prefix:


Marketing Variable: Source:
Marketing Variable: Medium:
Marketing Variable: Campaign:
Marketing Variable: Keyword:
Marketing Variable: Variation:
Overwrite Marketing Variables?

Cookie Info

Tracking Cookie Domain:
Cookie Name - Session:
Tracking Cookie Path:
Cookie Name - Visitor Info:
Timeout: Session Cookie (mins):
Cookie Name - User Defined Variable:
Timeout: Visitor Info Cookie (days):
Cookie Grabber:


Window Property Name:
Query Parameters to Exclude:
Query Delimiter:
Cross Domain Query Parameter: