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SharePoint Web Analytics

It’s a fact: SharePoint’s built-in web analytics reports lack valuable details.

Angelfish Software provides a complete web analytics solution for SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online. Here’s how it works:

Runs Separately From SharePoint

Angelfish is secure, on-premises web analytics software. You install Angelfish on a server in your network, and login to the application via a web browser. With SharePoint On Premises, Angelfish gets its data from IIS logs. With SharePoint Online, you add JS code to the Master Page and collect the tracking gifs on another server.
Learn more in our Support Center.

No Tagging Required

Angelfish *can* use JavaScript tagging, but it doesn’t *have* to. With SharePoint sites, there’s a good chance Angelfish can work with the data you already have in your log files. (we recommend the USR tracking method for SharePoint On Premise)

Track Document Access

If your SharePoint site requires authentication, Angelfish will show you the users who access each page and file (PDF, Excel, Word, etc.) on your website.

Mobile Devices

Are your employees using mobile devices to access your SharePoint sites? Angelfish categorizes all visits as Mobile/Tablet or Desktop, with drilldown to browsers, platforms, usernames, and all other segments.

Traffic Spike Analysis

Angelfish lets you select a time frame as short as a single second. If you want to see who accessed the sales forecast spreadsheet on your website yesterday morning at precisely 10:17:23 AM, Angelfish will show you all site activity that occurred during that particular second.

Full Visitor History

Angelfish shows full details for each visitor, like usernames, IP addresses, number of logins, clickpaths, goal conversions, marketing details, custom variables, and more.

Process Historical Data

If you have your SharePoint IIS logs from 2 years ago, you can process them in Angelfish. This works in the trial version too – try it!

Broken Links

Your IIS logs contain a bunch of great information, like Broken Links. Angelfish tells you if the link is external or on your site, the referring page, the error page, and more.

Track Any Website

Angelfish tracks more than just SharePoint! Angelfish creates detailed usage reports for anything that runs on a web server and creates an access log, like Intranet sites, web applications, public websites, financial and HR portals, CDNs, and CRMs. See more examples on our Solutions Page.

Robust API

The API is a core component of Angelfish and provides full access to the underlying data structure. With the API, you can automatically export data from Angelfish into web parts, dashboards, or external applications.

Technical Details

Please visit our Help Center for a technical explanation of how Angelfish works. We recommend reading the Administrator Essentials article and the SharePoint section: